First Disney VHS rentals

Fotomat Drive-thruToday in Disneyland history: March 4, 1980 – Fotomat rents the very first official Disney VHS and Beta cassettes via the ubiquitous drive-thru kiosks in Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, and the San Francisco / Bay area. By 1981 Disney Home Video expanded their rental program to other authorized rental outlets and Fotomat’s rental business began it’s decline.

The first titles available at Fotomat were:


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Walt Disney Birthplace Preservation Project

Walt Disney Birthplace Preservation Project - WaltsApartment.comMany of the places that helped make Walt Disney who he was and what we loved are gone but not forgotten. One such place is the home he, and Roy, was born in – 2156 Tripp Ave., Chicago, IL.

Want to be a tiny (or big) part of Walt Disney history? Contribute a few dollars (or a lot) to a project that is working to save, restore and preserve this wonderful piece of history.

Donate at or on Kickstarter

Regular updates will be posted on Facebook, so share this on your social media sites and help get other Disney fans involved.

Restoration Begins, Disney Birthplace Project - WaltsApartment.comThe Restoration Dream Team, Disney Birthplace Project -
The Key to the House, Disney Birthplace Project -




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1961 Disneyland recreated…

1961 Disneyland recreated… -


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Disneyland from space, Then & Now

Things have changed a little at Disneyland since the park opened. Here are two satellite photos from 1955 and 2011. Click a photo then use the arrows on your keyboard to flip back and forth…


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