Ruth Shellhorn – Landscape Architect of Fantasy

Ruth Shellhorn - Landscape Architect of Fantasy


Ruth Shellhorn - Masters of Modern Landscape Design Series


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The Main Street Electrical Parade Returns!

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A new era…

The history and heritage of Disneyland will always be special to those who love what Walt Disney created. As a new era dawns over Disneyland, the park is being changed more than fans have ever seen in 60 years. The Star Wars Land expansion caused the demolition and removal of many historic buildings on property, bringing a promise of “the future.”

In these nearmap photos from November 2015 and September 2016, we can see the incredible changes, mostly to the backstage area.

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Petrified Tree

Petrified Tree
From The
Pike Petrified Forest, Colorado
This Section Weighs Five Tons And Measures 7 1/2 Feet
In Diameter. The Original Tree, Estimated To Have
Been 200 Feet Tall, Was Part Of A Sub-Tropical Forest
55 to 70 Million Years Ago In What Is Now Colorado.
Scientists Believe It To Be From The Redwood Of Sequoia
Species. During Some Prehistoric Era A Cataclysmic
Upheaval Caused Silica Laden Water To Overspread The
Living Forest. Wood Cells Were Changed During The
Course Of Time To Sandstone. Opals Were Formed
Within The Tree Trunk Itself.

Presented to Disneyland
Mrs. Walt Disney
September, 1957

Toby Wells on top of the Petrified Tree

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