#3 Fred Gurley

Gurley - Gurley | WaltsApartment.comOn February 9, 1958, assembly of #3 Fred Gurley was completed, and the locomotive was moved to Disneyland. The 1894 Baldwin locomotive #14065 was purchased for just $1,200 in 1957.

Previously, the engine was transporting sugar from the plantation to the mill, and in 1910 was converted to a switch engine at the Godchaux Sugar Company’s mill.

The Disney Studios retrieved the mass of metal and rotted wood and brought it to the studios for a massive restoration project. Once the original boiler and water tank was removed, the frame, wheels, rods, running gear, cylinders, and domes were refurbished.

On March 28, 1958, the newest addition to the Disneyland Railroad joined engines #1 C. K. Holliday, and #2 E. P. Ripley to pull the train consists around the Park.

In 2007, the Forney-style Baldwin 0-4-4T engine had a massive rebuild. Sadly, the original Baldwin builder plates (Baldwin Locomotive Works – Philadelphia – 1894 – No. 14065) are no longer on the Disneyland locomotive, and have likely been stolen, and in a private collection.

The #3 Fred Gurley still pulls guests around Disneyland in a regular basis.

An Oddity

Gurley with Marsh nameplate | WaltsApartment.com

This photo appeared in a Summer 1959 Los Angeles Times Sunday insert, touting all the new features added to Disneyland in 1959. However, the guests are on the wrong side of the tracks at Main Street Station. And the real oddity about this photo is that it’s clearly the #3 Fred Gurley engine – but the nameplate on the cab says “Ernest S. Marsh”.

It’s likely that the Park wanted to highlight the newest locomotive to join the fleet (the #4 Ernest S. Marsh,) but it wasn’t ‘photo ready’ when they needed to take the photos and send them to the newspaper… and most people wouldn’t notice the difference in engines when they came to Park, and only remember the name.

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