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Walt, Lillian and the kids…

In this rare photo of Walt’s apartment inside Disneyland we see Sharon, Walt, Ron Miller, Diane and Lillian relaxing and having some coffee or tea. Most of the original furniture from Walt’s apartment was taken home by Walt’s wife Lillian during the years after Walt’s death. By April 1986, Lillian had made her final visit … Continue reading »

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Darth Vader: What Are You Going to Do Next?

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Disneyland Guides: They have a dream job

This article from Parade Magazine section of  The Advocate newspaper in Baton Rouge, LA March 26, 1961 was short, but featured a nice picture of some 1961 Tour Guides and several quotes from so-called “Disneyettes” (a term that has NEVER been heard since.) To be a Disneyland Tour Guide was an extremely special honor. It … Continue reading »

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Walt’s phone

One of the neat items in Walt’s apartment is a Victorian style telephone. The phone still works, and is the only phone in the apartment. It used to have a direct-dial number to reach the apartment from outside the park, but in recent years the number has been redirected to the main information line for … Continue reading »

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