Walt’s phone

Posted by on April 18, 2012

Walt Disney's phone - www.WaltsApartment.comOne of the neat items in Walt’s apartment is a Victorian style telephone. The phone still works, and is the only phone in the apartment. It used to have a direct-dial number to reach the apartment from outside the park, but in recent years the number has been redirected to the main information line for Disneyland.

Walt and Lillian Disney watching over their grandkids - www.WaltsApartment.comThe rare photo of Walt and Lillian in the apartment while their grandchildren play, shows Walt using a “candlestick” style phone, which is different from this one. However, the phone pictured above was in the apartment in 1983. In 1986 Lillian stopped by on one of her last visits to the park to pick up some personal items from apartment.

In the years since Walt and Lillian stopped using the apartment, it has been through a few light “updates.” The carpet has been replaced at least once, and some of the furniture has been rearranged, while other pieces have been removed from the apartment completely. The few items that are noticeably missing are a padded, backless stool that Walt may have used to sit and look out the windows to watch guests in the park. Another item is a beautifully carved Victorian sideboard that was also in the apartment in 1983, but was not there in 2011. Hopefully it went home with Lillian, and didn’t end up in some executive’s office…