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Walt Disney Birthplace Preservation Project

Many of the places that helped make Walt Disney who he was and what we loved are gone but not forgotten. One such place is the home he, and Roy, was born in – 2156 Tripp Ave., Chicago, IL. Want to be a tiny (or big) part of Walt Disney history? Contribute a few dollars … Continue reading »

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Walt and the CP #173

The photo to the right IS Walt Disney, but he’s NOT posing next to his miniature live steam engine CP #173 Lilly Belle – it’s a composite photo. This synthesized photo was created by a MAPO employee who combined Roger Broggie’s photo of Walt and a fellow steam enthusiast, along with a photo he took … Continue reading »

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Everyone can be creative

All of us are creative; some people just don’t know how they are or where to find their creativity. By definition creativity is the power to bring something into being. So many of us use that definition as to only apply to people that build, paint, or write etc. In Brainstorm: Unleashing Your Creative Self, … Continue reading »

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Darth Vader: What Are You Going to Do Next?

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