Walt and the CP #173

Posted by on May 7, 2013

Composite image of CP #173 and Walt Disney - www.WaltsApartment.comThe photo to the right IS Walt Disney, but he’s NOT posing next to his miniature live steam engine CP #173 Lilly Belle – it’s a composite photo.

#173 at the Walt Disney Family Museum - WaltsApartment.com

Bill Jones and Walt Disney - WaltsApartment.comThis synthesized photo was created by a MAPO employee who combined Roger Broggie’s photo of Walt and a fellow steam Lilly Belle locomotive - by Dave Tavresenthusiast, along with a photo he took of #173 Lilly Belle at the Disney studios. The image is so well done, people are fooled by it all the time. A copy is even hanging in Main Street Station at Disneyland!

On May 7, 1950 the #173 Lilly Belle took its first run around Walt’s Carolwood Drive property.

Walt's Barn at his Carolwood property - www.WaltsApartment.comWalt Disney and Roger Broggie with the #173 Lilly Belle - www.WaltsApartment.comWalt Disney on the #173 Lilly Belle crossing a CPRR tressel - www.WaltsApartment.comWalt Disney's Barn, Lilly Belle engine and Walt Disney - www.WaltsApartment.comRoger Broggie on the #173 Lilly Belle - WaltsApartment.com

C.P.R.R. Sacramento 1872 - WaltsApartment.com

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