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A Google idea for Disney

Everyone has used Google Maps in some form or another. Most people have switched between map view and earth view to get their bearings on a location. Being that Disney is one of the biggest marketing juggernauts in history, here’s an idea for them… Just looking at Disneyland in Google earth view, shows the number … Continue reading »

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First Disney VHS rentals

Today in Disneyland history: March 4, 1980 – Fotomat rents the very first official Disney VHS and Beta cassettes via the ubiquitous drive-thru kiosks in Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, and the San Francisco / Bay area. By 1981 Disney Home Video expanded their rental program to other authorized rental outlets and Fotomat’s rental business began it’s … Continue reading »

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1961 Disneyland recreated…

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The Club 33 phone booth

For many years it has been believed that the phone booth in Club 33 was the movie prop from The Happiest Millionaire, which was the last live-action movie that Walt Disney personally supervised before his passing in 1966. As visitors reach the top of the stairs in Club 33, Royal Street, the ornate phone booth … Continue reading »

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