A Google idea for Disney

Posted by on September 4, 2015

Everyone has used Google Maps in some form or another. Most people have switched between map view and earth view to get their bearings on a location. Being that Disney is one of the biggest marketing juggernauts in history, here’s an idea for them…

Just looking at Disneyland in Google earth view, shows the number of rooftops that are blank canvases for the company – with no impact to guests (from ground-level, you can’t see rooftops!). Then think about ALL of their parks… and show buildings. That’s a lot of space to advertise Disney movies, attractions and products, for fairly low cost and for long-term impact. Hmm… and I wonder if they could do something fun with a scavenger hunt or puzzle that involved several Park rooftop advertising…

Here’s just a couple of fun mock-ups:

it’s a small world


Indiana Jones Adventure


Captain America’s sheild on Innoventions