A long forgotten land…

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Posted by on June 16, 2012

Holidayland - www.WaltsApartment.comBefore Pirates of the Caribbean and before New Orleans Square, before Critter Country and even before the Disneyland Monorail, there was another “land” at Disneyland – a land that came and went – yes, a land at Disneyland that’s no longer there…

Holidayland was a real place. It opened on June 16, 1957, but lasted only a few years. It was there though – right about where where the Haunted Mansion show building is today and right behind the… wax museum?. Compare the two maps with the Google aerial view to see where it was in the late 1950’s.



Disneyland Holidayland - WaltsApartment.com

Holiday land was to be used mainly for corporate events and large parties. Some photos and drawings show that baseball fields and other sporting events would be part of the space – which seems very similar to the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Disney World (keep in mind that Disney owns ESPN. hmmmm)

Here’s a couple more shots of Holidayland as it once existed…


On September 30 1961, Holidayland ceased to be a “land” amongst the treasured parts of the Magic Kingdom. As a tribute, an air vent/stand-pipe, backstage near the Haunted Mansion, has been candy-striped to remind a few hardcore Disneyland fans that they’re standing where a forgotten land once had a place in the park.