Girl, 4, Disneyland’s 5 Millionth Visitor

Girl, 4, Disneyland’s 5 Millionth Visitor -

By Bob Beckman

Four-year-old Debra Rutherford knew Disneyland was going to be wonderful. When she arrived Wednesday it exceeded her wildest dreams.

It was her insistence – and that of her 3-year-old sister Patricia – that convinced their parents Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Rutherford, to travel hear from their home in Quincy, Wash.

They reached Los Angeles Wednesday morning and drove straight to Disneyland.

When Debra made her way through the turnstile she was heralded as the five millionth visitor to Walt Disney’s playground.

•   •   •   •

She was officially welcomed by Jack Sayers, director of customer relations, and given a key and silver pass to the park.

Debra accepted a baton and did a creditable job of leading the Disneyland band playing “Mickey Mouse.” Then she climbed a top of big ladder with her father to change the Main Street Railroad Station population sign.

From there, Debra and the rest of her family entered, a full-day scheduled of rides, treats and eats – as guests of Disneyland management.

Long Beach Press Telegram – Thursday, October 04, 1956