Lilly Belle 2

Carolwood Pacific Railroad |

This engine, Lilly Belle 2, was going to be the 2nd locomotive at Walt Disney’s “Carolwood Pacific Railroad“. Walt’s CPRR was a 1/8th scale miniature live steam railroad that Walt built around his home in Holmby Hills. The engine was started in 1950 by Roger Broggie and was conceived as a 4-6-0 (two pilot/front wheels on each side, three ‘driver’ wheels on each side and zero trailing wheels) but once Walt got busy with Disneyland and had a big train set to play with, the CPRR was sidetracked and the project was put on hold.

Walt Disney's Railroad Story |

The 4-6-0 design was abandoned in favor of a duplicate of the original Lilly Belle locomotive. Roger Broggie Jr. and a dedicated crew completed the replica in 1995 – 45 years after the work originally began. The photo below is Roger Broggie Jr. with the completed Lilly Belle 2; below that the engine on display at Main Street Station in Disneyland.

Lilly Belle 2 at Disneyland's Main Street Station -